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An Open Letter To Our Customers & Friends

Posted on June 17th, 2014

It seems that in the health and fitness industry, everyone knows everything and bad advice is the official language. There are supplement stores where the customer service representatives are detached, bored, and seem to know virtually nothing about the products they offer. There are personal trainers who seem to know little about proper form and less about customer service. There are even gyms that seem to see you as only a dollar sign and couldn’t care any less about your fitness goals or gym experience.


For someone looking to make a lifestyle change or someone who is starting on a fitness journey from scratch, this can seem like a hard world to crack. You have questions that you feel like are too “dumb” to ask, you might be embarrassed that you can’t move very much weight, or you might even feel uncomfortable about walking into a supplement store or gym because you feel like everyone will judge you.


But there is hope. Every now and then, a place like Absolute Nutrition comes along. Absolute nutrition isn’t like any other nutrition store you will stumble across. Sure, we carry nutritional supplements, but that’s about where the similarities end. The staff consists of everyone from Registered Nurses to Bodybuilding competitors and each staff member is intelligent, friendly, caring, and, most importantly; they not only use the supplements they carry, but they use them safely and correctly. At Absolute Nutrition, there are no “dumb” questions. We openly welcome you to come into a friendly environment and learn. The staff will happily answer any question you have as directly as possible. We are also happy to provide recommendations on supplements tailored to your needs.


We define the true meaning of ‘Absolute’ with truth, honesty, and valid principles & opinions. We don’t have a staff of sparsely placed employees, we have a well designed, trained, and engineered staff of industry-leading KNOWLEDGE!


We exist to help you, not con you out of your hard earned money. To prove this, Absolute Nutrition matches local competitor’s advertised prices on the products we carry, and then knocks off an additional 5%.


So stop by an Absolute Nutrition soon and check us out. I’m confident you’ll walk away as another satisfied customer.



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