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Absolute FlexBack Program

Posted on January 2nd, 2019

At Absolute Nutrition, we’ve always tried to give and contribute to our local community where we can since Day #1.

I’ve been searching for a better way for us to be able to do more for some time now, and we’ve finally determined a structured way of doing so!

We want to help make a greater impact on OUR community while also leading by example so we created the Absolute FlexBack Program to help do this.

Each month we will be choosing a need we want to focus on, and do what we can to make an impact! We will work to raise donations for an entire month as well as contributing ourselves. After the month is over, we will be passing along the donations and sharing the success of our efforts with you for full transparency!

Whether it’s raising funds, looking for donated goods, services or clothing – we are going to be the point of contact and do as much as we can to make a difference.

For monetary donations, we have both a Cash App account setup online to contribute, as well as a special item sku to use during your purchases in our stores. To donate online via Cash App, simply visit$AbsoluteFlexBack  to contribute.

For other donations, we will specify drop-off deadlines for delivery.

We will update each month’s need here so you are aware of the beneficiary party. Please feel free to reach out if you have a local family or organization that has a need, and we will put them on the list as we plan our monthly giving initiatives.

JANUARY – Derek Wilson – (Click for link to his story)


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