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New Year’s Goals – 2016

Posted on January 4th, 2016

2016 Is Here, And We Want To Know What You Have Planned!

You hear it every year. Good ole’ New Year’s Resolutions! More specifically, your fitness-related ones! Well, we don’t just want you to write these down on a sheet of paper and forget about them in your sock drawer, we want to help you and make sure you achieve them in 2016! Whether it’s a new Bench Press PR, improving your time on Fran, breaking a powerlifting record in your weight class or losing 25lbs; we can help!

So, we want to hear them – What are they!?

We made a quick & easy way to let us know about your goals in this quick 60-sec form. Take just 1-minute to fill it out, and we can get back with you to help you in the best way for your goals!

Simply click the link or fill out the form below:

2016 Fitness Goals Form

Have questions about any products or need some help with your recovery protocol? That’s what we are here for! Give us a call 1-855-692-2768

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