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Brad Hill

My transformation story started three and a half years ago. At 5’9” and weighing 306 lbs.,  I was a miserable thirty-three-year-old food addict that wore a mask of happiness every day. I was the butt of jokes from others and even myself. I tried to pretend I was ok with my life but on the inside I wass SCREAMING for help! Food controlled my life. Each day, I feasted on 12,000 calories of garbage. One morning, I bent over to tie my shoes and blacked out. My wife and I were scared, so I decided to see a doctor and have a full physical done. The results were frightening. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, pre-diabetic, and I was told that if I did not change I would not live another 5 years. That day, I decided to change. I was tired of being made out to be a joke. I was tired of ALWAYS being the fat guy that made everyone feel better about themselves. Most of all, I wanted to be there for my family, walk my two daughters down the aisle one day, and keep my wife from becoming a young widow. To say my family has been a huge encouragement is an understatement. My wife and kids have pushed me and supported me throughout my journey. They are my “Why”!

Everyone asks how I did it…I started slow and celebrated the everyday victories. What I mean is, I felt as though I had won a victory if I passed on dessert at a family gathering. Did I have setbacks? You bet I did! You just have to fight through them. Success is not given; it is taken. I was determined to take it! So, how did I find Absolute Nutrition? I met Matt at Absolute Nutrition in Decatur right after he opened one day while I was doing some work for him at my current job. One thing I can say about Matt and Absolute is this; he NEVER acted like I was an annoyance to him. I asked a million questions and he answered all of them with honesty and sincerity. He understood I was fighting for my life, and he wanted me to succeed. I had been to many nutrition stores that looked at me as a 300 pound nuisance…like I was dragging their business down just by being inside the store. Matt steered me away from products I didn’t need and pointed me to the products that would benefit me most. He also gave me a lot of encouragement to keep up the fight. Fast forward three and a half years later, over 100 lbs. lighter, weighing 198 lbs., I am now carrying lean muscle instead of fat. Prior to writing this my body fat was 5-6%. 

The thing I want people to understand is this.  I didn’t get to 300 pounds over night or even in 2 months, so I was not going to lose 100 pounds that quick either. Wake up every morning ready to fight for the life you want. You CAN do this! Work HARD, eat RIGHT, be PATIENT and NEVER QUIT.

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