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Fit, Healthy & Hungry!


Thanks for agreeing to share, Trea. Tell us a little about yourself before we get started.

I’ve played sports throughout school for several years. I really fell in love with fitness during football workouts in the 11th grade, though. I found there’s no better feeling than being healthy and staying fit.

So, what was your biggest motivating factor to change?

I wanted to change from always being the skinny kid. I hated hearing it and, to be honest, it’s not fun being skinny. The other big reason is that no one else in my family is fit or eats clean. I want to be the change!

What goals did you have in mind for yourself when you began?

I haven’t reached my biggest goal just yet, but I have reached my goal weights each month and have been where I want to be. My big goal is to compete and win – and hopefully someday get sponsored!!

When did you first start working on your fitness goals?

I started working towards my goal in January of 2015. I was in the off-season for football and wanted to get bigger by my senior season. And it wasn’t just me by myself, it was a bunch of my friends too – and we are all still busting it together every day!

We know it’s not always easy – what has kept you going on those hard days?

On tough days, I don’t care about how hard my day was, I’m still gonna go to the gym and kill it. If I don’t, that’s a day that I’ll never get back – so why waste it? There’s no better feeling than after you get done killing a workout. Yes, I may be tired and not want to go when I get there, but when I’m done – I’m glad I did it and I feel a lot better!

How has Absolute Nutrition helped you along the way?

Absolute’s staff and products have helped me tremendously. If you have a question about a product, just ask and they’ll be able to assist you. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be where I am right now. The products I’ve bought have brought me nothing but GAINZ and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Absolute will always be my favorite nutrition store. #blueknowsbest

Anything else you would like to add about your journey, Trea?

I’d like to add that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! You just have to set your mind and heart to it. My favorite quote that sticks with me everyday is, “The worst thing I could be, is the same as everybody else. I’d hate that.” -Arnold Schwarzenegger

Thank you so much for sharing with us, Trea!
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