Customer Testimonials


Golden Czermak


I’m Golden Czermak – 34 year old fitness and model photographer. 
Trying to overcome the dreaded corporate job waistline, which had ballooned up to 36 inches. Faced with that, I began working out 5 days a week.

What was your Motivation to change?

Continued exposure to others in the fit life via my photography, seeing transformations of friends and their clients, etc.

What kept you going on hard days?

My day one pic.

How did absolute Nutrition’s products and staff 
help you accomplish your goal?

AbsNut was very helpful in guiding me to the right supplements.

Supplements recommended

Fat Burners, Preworkouts, and Protein

Changes and progress you noticed:

Lots of fat loss and getting shredded. Next phase will be to gain more permanent mass.

Who worked with you?

AbsNut Madison Store and Staff

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