Customer Testimonials


Katie Massey


In 2009 when I was living off fast food and had grown a decent sized muffin-top, I decided I needed to ‘tone-up’. So I went out and bought a Fitness magazine and a pair of pink dumbbells and I began my fitness journey. In the beginning it was hard to get motivated. A lot of days I just wanted to sit around putting doritos in my face, which is a lot less painful than squats and push-ups. But I had a goal! And I wasn’t gonna let Oprah or the Frito-Lay company stand in my way! I knew I had to embrace the pain and push on. And I did! After 1 year of working out in my living room with Jillian Michaels, I learned to love it. But I wanted more! So I went out and bought a Muscle and Fitness magazine and a gym membership! I was toned up by this point, which came easy for my naturally skinny frame. But I wanted muscle! And it did not come easy. told me I had to change my eating habits and start supplementing with whey protein. I asked every muscle bound guy at the gym where I should buy it and they all recommended Absolute Nutrition. Knowledgable staff, competitive prices and all the supplements you can shake a stick at. I have been a loyal customer of theirs for 3 years and this muscle bound girl would recommend them to anyone!