Customer Testimonials


Kristen Riker

Malnourished To Personal Trainer

I have always played sports and been active, but I was uneducated on nutrition and supplements, causing me to be malnourished and underweight. I was told to eat protein to “put meat on my bones,” which I only associated with gaining weight. Throughout my college career, I was able to meet and learn from leaders in the fitness industry, such as Matt McLellan. He taught me many new exercises to spice up my workouts, along with recommendations and advice on supplements and nutrition. I would highly recommend products that Absolute Nutrition provides, Malice and Humapro, which I have been using for years now. My goal now is to maintain a healthy weight while pushing myself to grow in the fitness industry. I have recently become a personal trainer to show others how working out can only improve one’s health and physique. I greatly appreciate how Absolute Nutrition has helped me over the past few years, and I would highly recommend their products!

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