Customer Testimonials


Miranda Martin

From Basic to Badass

I have exercised off and on ever since I was in high school, but it was the same thing every time: 20-30 minutes on the elliptical and then do all the machines.  I’ve never played organized sports and certainly was never considered athletic.  All that changed at the end of 2010.  I had seen pictures of fit women, and I wanted to see what my body was capable of.  I learned about “clean eating”, got to know some folks who knew what hard work in the gym was all about, met the people from Absolute Nutrition, and things got serious.  My training and diet had improved drastically, and I was ready to complete the equation with supplementation.  The folks at AN were wonderful!  I had been to other places (like the ones in the mall) and those people seemed to be working there just because it was a job; Matt and his employees work at Absolute Nutrition because they have a passion for fitness, and boy do they know their stuff!  Whenever people ask for product recommendations I tell them what works for me but ALWAYS refer them to Absolute for other recommendations and can be confident in my decision to do so.

A few specific products really helped me make a change in my life:

Optiwomen—the first multivitamin that didn’t make me nauseous when I took it on an empty stomach, and it’s VERY complete on top of that!

Isoflex Whey Protein ( peanut butter chocolate)—I had been using cheap protein powder, so I was in LOVE the first time I tasted this!  It’s a whey isolate, which means low in fat and carbs and high absorption. Add to that peanut butter flavor with real chocolate chips; what’s not to like?

Hexapro (chocolate)—The BEST tasting protein powder I’ve EVER tasted.  I’ve even got my mom and stepdad drinking that stuff.  It’s so rich, thick, and creamy. YUM!

Reaper—Gives me energy to power through my day no matter how demanding it may be.

Sure I could purchase these items online, but I enjoy supporting local businesses and the instant gratification of taking product home right when I want it, and knowing I have a resource nearby to answer any supplement question I may have or make recommendations based on my needs is priceless!

It’s been 3 years since I started my journey.  I weigh the same as I did when I started but have gained muscle mass and gotten leaner.  I competed in my first NPC figure competitions last year and qualified for nationals!  This journey has not always been fun or easy.  There were times when I wanted to eat all the cake I could get my hands on, but being consistent with your diet will cause your palate to change, and you won’t enjoy the junk like you used to.  I will never forget the day when I took a big bite of a candy bar I had been craving, and thought it tasted TERRIBLE—chemically and waxy.  Looking in the mirror is my motivation.  I see how far I’ve come and see areas I want to improve and KNOW I have the ability to mold myself with lots of sweat and hard work.  THANK YOU to Paul and Matt from Absolute Nutrition for introducing me to the life of fitness and helping me realize what I am capable of.  I will never be the same!!!

*Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.