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Meet Matt, Owner of Absolute Nutrition

The supplement industry gets a bad rap—people find it hard to trust the products. It's fair though! A lot of the industry has brought it upon themselves.  They've built themselves up on false premises without care for their customers.

I was a serious athlete for years, from swim team to running cross country on scholarship in college, before I started using supplements. I knew nothing about them and what they could do for me.

I got into this industry because I personally found out that it CAN work, and I want to help other people discover the same thing. These days we have a lot of science backing up what supplementation can do to help improve recovery, performance, and get the most out of our bodies. I live, eat and breathe fitness, nutrition and supplementation. Absolute Nutrition exists to help you cut through the BS so you can find products that WORK, are HIGH QUALITY, and are in the right dosage and combination for YOU.

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