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Tired of Being So Sore After Your Workouts?

Here are a few simple & effective tips to help you recover better and train harder. Hydration – DRINK THOSE FLUIDS!  This is a simple and important step for preventing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Hydration is one of the leading factors in how our body performs and recovers during physical activity.  When you exercise […]

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Are There Nutrient-Timing Rules?

There are definitely mechanisms in our bodies that help us process foods in certain ways around different times, but are there truly rules that you must follow to get you to your goal? The answer is yes and no…but I will give you the one thing that holds true in all of these diets when done […]

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Muscle Recovery 101

Blood, sweat and tears.  That’s what we put in to achieve results, right? We push our bodies hard everyday in the gym looking for our limits as we take our fitness to the next level.  We wake before dawn to exercise before work and even sacrifice nights out with friends to achieve what we ultimately […]

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