The BIG 3: Let’s Talk About Recovery

May 04, 2022

The BIG 3: Let’s Talk About Recovery

Why Is Recovery SUCH a BIG DEAL?!
When talking about recovery, the first thing to remember is what I like to call The Big 3. The Big 3 consists of: Protein, Glutamine, & Creatine

So, how do these benefit you exactly? I’m glad you asked!

Protein is your basic recovery agent.

It contains all of the essential amino acids necessary to repair and build the muscles you tear down in the gym. This comes primarily in the forms of the meats & nuts you consume as well as the protein supplements in your diet as well. Some are faster digesting for more immediate needs surrounding workouts(Whey protein or BCAA supplements) and some are slower release (Red Meats, Cottage Cheese, Casein Proteins). Your body metabolizes these amino acids to help with rebuilding muscle tissue that you have broken down.
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Glutamine is another important essential amino acid.Your muscles are comprised of a large percentage of it (Over 60%!). Taking in more glutamine helps to reduce lactic acid buildup & soreness in your muscles, and helps with the rebuilding process. Typically, your small intestine consumes the majority of the glutamine you take in. There’s a more superior form of glutamine that is more beneficial specifically for muscle recovery, and that is Trans-Alanyl-Glutamine. TAG, is the superior form of glutamine to the normal free-form L-glutamine you see more commonly and what you derive from foods. The trans-alanyl group helps to facilitate a much greater transport and absorption to the muscles, yielding about 90% net absorption. Thats 4-5x greater than traditional L-Glutamine.That absorption rate is part of what makes T.A.G. so awesome!
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Creatine is another important part of muscle recovery.Creatine is naturally occurring in the body and can be found primarily stored in your muscles. You ingest natural sources of creatine from things like fish and red meats. Supplementing with additional creatine helps to facilitate better nutrient delivery, muscle recovery, delaying muscle fatigue, increasing aerobic capacity, and creating more powerful muscle contractions. 💪
Adding creatine to your recovery stack does not mean you will become the Hulk over night, but that you will see a significant increase in recovery, improvements in strength, and overall muscle building.
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The BIG 3 should form the basis for your workout recovery routine. Maintaining your recovery regimen on a consistent basis will help you to perform at your best and ensure success in achieving your fitness goals.