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HumaPro Tablets
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HumaPro Tablets

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Are you looking for protein replacement for your day that cuts down on the calories too so you can lose weight? Then ALRI HUMAPRO is the best protein tablet for you with plenty of added bonuses! ALRI HUMAPRO is the leading player in protein, accomplishing feats that other proteins cannot. ALRI HUMAPRO contains the perfect ratio of amino acids to be utilized by the human body for synthesizing protein. How is this different from other proteins? ALRI HUMAPRO outperforms whey proteins by utilizing this ratio formulated for the human body, instead of the cow's body that whey protein is processed in. ALRI HUMAPRO also cuts down the calories of a typical whey protein, with a whey protein weighing in at 400-600 calroies (per 4 scoops) and ALRI HUMAPRO only adding up to less than ONE calorie. This difference sets you up with a calorie deficit that you need to start burning body fat and lose weight. Get ready to ditch traditional whey proteins forever once you try ALRI HUMAPRO and experience the results for yourself! 


  • Vegan Friendly
  • Helps Stable Blood Glucose 
  • Outperforms Whey Protein Gains by 501%
  • Has a 100% Absorption and 99% Utilized Rate
  • Contains No Gluten, Soy, Sugar, & Lactose 

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